Dear Students and Parents,

It has been a pleasure teaching and working with you over the past 4 years! Please keep in touch. My gmail address is below and I would love to hear what you have all been up to. I promise I will write back. Be good for Ms Christ your new computer teacher for next year.

I will update on this site some online activities that I think would be fun and useful for you over the summer vacation. So stay tuned to this blog over the next couple of weeks. I will also add some more recent photos of baby Jessica while we are at home in New Zealand for the vacation. It is winter there right now, so I am not looking forward to being cold!

Love Ms Morrison



Last Day of School 2010-2011

Dear Students and Parents,

My goodness I had no idea how few students would be at school over the last week! Therefore only a few students in each Grade 1 class were able to save their Plant Life Cycle power points to their flashdrives.

If you are a Grade 1 or 2 student and were absent for Computer class in this last specialist rotation, then please collect your USB stick when you pick up your report card tomorrow. It will either be in your report card envelope, or with your homeroom teacher.

Please enjoy your last day before summer vacation everyone. And please keep in touch! I would truly love to hear how you are doing while we are in Thailand.

Kind regards,

Angela Morrison


End of Year in Computer Class

Hello parents and students, We are in our last Specialist rotation now in the Elementary School. So you have either had your last computer class for the year already, or have just one more to go! We have had a fantastic year typing, word processing, playing, exploring, creating, and presenting.

In Grade 1 and 2 we are putting the finishing touches onto our Plant Life Cycle powerpoints, saving them onto our flashdrives (USB memory sticks), and taking them home.

It was a bit of an experiment having Grade 1s purchase flashdrives this year. They are actually a bit tricky for most students of this age to use, and we did not need them very often. Now at least you have one for next year. Grade 2s had some success using their flashdrives for one or two projects in Computer class. It was good practice for next year, as in Grade 3 they are used a lot.

For all classes there will be an element of free choice for our final computer class. You deserve it!

Ms Morrison


Ms Morrison & Mr Buck’s new baby

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Jessica Buck, born on 22 March 2011. Jessica arrived a little earlier than we had expected, but she is very cute and healthy and we are enjoying the new addition to our family very much.

Coming home from the hospital with Jessica

I will bring Jessica into visit sometime soon. But right now I am loving being at home taking care of her. I will probably come back to class to teach for the last 2 weeks of the year in June. But I know that Mr Lumen and Ms Grit will be taking good care of you all in your Computer and Literacy classes for now. 🙂

Jessica sleeping 3 weeks old

Anyhow, be good for your teachers, and I will see you soon!

Ms Morrison

Grade 2 Web Quest

All classes have now completed our Web Quest for exploring the ASK website. Your challenge is to complete or repeat the webquest at home! Below is a picture of the webquest sheet that I handed out. Please follow the instructions carefully and teach someone at home how to find and look around the site. You may find it interesting to look at the different blogs of ES teachers, and to explore the photo gallery.

Ms Morrison

If there are any questions about the webquest, or words you don’t understand, feel free to add a comment here. 🙂

Grade 1 – Animals

Animals Topic

There are a number of websites that we are exploring in Computer class that compliment the topic that Grade 1 students are studying in Science. Now you can play them at home too! Click below to play or find out more:

Animal Body Parts

Animals on Enchanted Learning

Habitats Game

Kratt’s Creatures

Ms Morrison

World Math Day is over – World Spelling Day is on!

To all Grade 2 students,

You will find if you sign in to the World Math Day site that if you try to play a new game it says ‘Game Over’. Yes, unfortunately you can no longer play this fun game online until next year’s World Math Day. You can download a program called ‘Mathletics’ which is similar, but I believe you need to pay for it.

Those of you who played sometime during the 48 hours of World Math Day 2011 (from 1pm Monday 28 Feb – 2pm Wednesday 2 March – Kuwait time) will receive a certificate of participation. I have printed them out in color and will deliver them to your class today. You can also access your certificate online if you sign in.

Well done to all of you practiced for and particpated in World Math Day. An extra congratulations to Yousef Hozayen of 2D who played 84 games over the official World Math Day event, and will be receiving a special platinum award certificate for playing at least 60 games. While no prizes were awarded to ASK Grade 2 students, you should all feel very proud that you helped “unite the world in numbers!”

It is now World Spelling Day, until 2pm Friday 4th March. The World Spelling Day site is similar to World Math Day. Your sign-in details will work for both. You need speakers or headphones to hear the word spoken, and then you either click on the correct word, or type the word you hear (depending on your age).

Congratulations again to you all!

Ms Morrison