World Math Day is over – World Spelling Day is on!

To all Grade 2 students,

You will find if you sign in to the World Math Day site that if you try to play a new game it says ‘Game Over’. Yes, unfortunately you can no longer play this fun game online until next year’s World Math Day. You can download a program called ‘Mathletics’ which is similar, but I believe you need to pay for it.

Those of you who played sometime during the 48 hours of World Math Day 2011 (from 1pm Monday 28 Feb – 2pm Wednesday 2 March – Kuwait time) will receive a certificate of participation. I have printed them out in color and will deliver them to your class today. You can also access your certificate online if you sign in.

Well done to all of you practiced for and particpated in World Math Day. An extra congratulations to Yousef Hozayen of 2D who played 84 games over the official World Math Day event, and will be receiving a special platinum award certificate for playing at least 60 games. While no prizes were awarded to ASK Grade 2 students, you should all feel very proud that you helped “unite the world in numbers!”

It is now World Spelling Day, until 2pm Friday 4th March. The World Spelling Day site is similar to World Math Day. Your sign-in details will work for both. You need speakers or headphones to hear the word spoken, and then you either click on the correct word, or type the word you hear (depending on your age).

Congratulations again to you all!

Ms Morrison


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