End of Year in Computer Class

Hello parents and students, We are in our last Specialist rotation now in the Elementary School. So you have either had your last computer class for the year already, or have just one more to go! We have had a fantastic year typing, word processing, playing, exploring, creating, and presenting.

In Grade 1 and 2 we are putting the finishing touches onto our Plant Life Cycle powerpoints, saving them onto our flashdrives (USB memory sticks), and taking them home.

It was a bit of an experiment having Grade 1s purchase flashdrives this year. They are actually a bit tricky for most students of this age to use, and we did not need them very often. Now at least you have one for next year. Grade 2s had some success using their flashdrives for one or two projects in Computer class. It was good practice for next year, as in Grade 3 they are used a lot.

For all classes there will be an element of free choice for our final computer class. You deserve it!

Ms Morrison 




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