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Kid Keys – Grade 1

You are probably wondering why your child keeps coming home with a bunch of certificates about castles and keys! We are playing a game in class called Kid Keys. It is program that introduces early typing skills. First, the students needed to find each of the letter keys on the keyboard in turn (Keystone Keyboard). Next, they completed a few typing drills (Magic Mirror). Finally, they will work on typing simple sentences, and introducing uppercase letters using the <Shift> key, as well as the period and the question mark (Castle Keys).

Students must type the sentence correctly. The current letter flashes in blue. As they increase through the levels, they must type letters, spaces, periods, capitals, and question marks.

For Grade 1 I do not require that they use the correct fingering for the keyboard. They will learn this in Grade 2. However I do encourage good posture while sitting at the computer, and to use both hands on the keyboard to spread out the work among all the fingers “like you’re playing the piano”.

Ms Morrison  morrisona@ask.edu.kw