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Earrings + Headphones = Painful!

Please send your child to school on Computer days without earrings, or at least with small ones that will not hurt if wearing headphones.

Our computer headphones tend to be the kind that sit quite firmly over the ears, and if your child is wearing large, bulky earrings, or ones with a long back, they can dig into their head. Most of our Early Childhood computer games require children to wear headphones to listen to instructions and letter sounds. Grade 1 and 2 students are sometimes required to wear headphones.

Thank you,

Ms Morrison  morrisona@ask.edu.kw


KG1 – An Island Adventure

Let’s Go Read – An Island Adventure is the game we are playing now in KG1. Students are using the mouse skills of pointing, clicking, and dragging, to identify, match, and sort, beginning letter sounds. Robbie the raccoon, and Emily the squirrel help us on our adventure.

We need to decide if the coconut Robbie is holding makes the 't' sound. If so, we click on the 'T' basket. If not, we click on the other basket.

What can I do to help at home?

Can your child use the computer mouse correctly? Our game requires the students to track with the mouse across the screen, and to point and click to select items. The more difficult skill of ‘clicking and dragging’ the mouse is also used in this game. Some students require a little assistance for this. When observing your child at the computer, do they move the mouse in the correct direction that they want the cursor on the screen to move? This can be tricky for some children, but a little individual help at home could really improve their success and enjoyment in class!

Ms Morrison  morrisona@ask.edu.kw

Great website – Starfall.com


This site is fantastic for early reading skills. Check it out!

ABCs – fun for CDC and KG1

Learn to Read – great interactive stories for KG1 and KG2

It’s Fun to Read – some games with lots of reading, suitable for KG2 and Grade 1

As well, the rest of the links on the site are suitable for any age with a little adult assistance. The above grade levels are just a guideline, as every child is different.

Happy Reading!

Ms Morrison