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Grade 1 Kid Pix Project

Graded papers went home in the last two weeks showing your child’s drawing and labeling of body parts in Kid Pix. This project was completed in Computer class over 3 sessions. If you have any questions about the results, please email me, or come and see me. The mark from this project contributes toward their Quarter 2 report card grade. As with all specialist subjects at ASK, the grade is based primarily on effort in Computer class.

I am very proud of the students’ drawing and labeling skills. Technology requires us to follow a lot of steps, and it only take one wrong click of the mouse to make a mistake! It was very challenging to draw pictures using the mouse rather than a pencil.

Well done Grade 1!

Ms Morrison morrisona@ask.edu.kw

Here is an example of a labeled body part picture created in Kid Pix:

Here is the grading sheet that I used: