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Computer mouse games for young children

If your child has difficulty using the mouse, then here are some websites that have great games for mouse practice:


Click on the picture to start on a blank page. Move the mouse to paint. Click the mouse to change colors.ļ»æ This is a website that we are using in class for most grade levels, so your child may already know what to do. Be careful – it’s quite addictive, even for adults! šŸ™‚

This is a story that the children listen to and follow the instructions. It is important to have sound so they can hear what to do.


ļ»æThis ‘Bees and Honey’ site could be good for CDC or KG1 kids. It teaches moving the mouse to an object, clicking on an object, and dragging and dropping. It can be a little bit tricky as the objects are slowly moving.


Please note that a ‘single click’ is introduced in CDC. ‘Drag and drop’ is introduced for KG1 students, but some do require assistance with this. ‘Double click’ is not introduced until KG2, and some children are still working on this skill.

The above games might be fun for any child to play, even if they are alreadyĀ skilled at using the mouse! We have not necessarily played these games in class, so they will probably be brand new to your child.

These sites I found as part of another blog Ask a Tech Teacher.

Ms MorrisonĀ  morrisona@ask.edu.kw


KG1 – An Island Adventure

Let’s Go Read – An Island Adventure is the game we are playing now in KG1. Students are using the mouse skills of pointing, clicking, and dragging,Ā to identify, match, and sort, beginning letter sounds. Robbie the raccoon, and Emily the squirrel help us on our adventure.

We need to decide if the coconut Robbie is holding makes the 't' sound. If so, we click on the 'T' basket. If not, we click on the other basket.

What canĀ I do to help at home?

Can your child use the computer mouse correctly? Our game requires the students to track with the mouse across the screen, and to point and click to select items. The more difficult skill of ‘clicking and dragging’ the mouse is also used in this game. Some students require a little assistance for this. When observing your child at the computer, do they move the mouse in the correct direction that they want the cursor on the screen to move? This can be tricky for some children, but a little individual help at home could really improve their success and enjoyment in class!

Ms MorrisonĀ  morrisona@ask.edu.kw

CDC – Starfall and Winnie the Pooh

CDC students have come a very long way since the start of the year! Most of the students needed a lot of help to use the mouse, but now they have almost mastered the skills of pointing and clicking the left mouse button. Some children are beginning to make choices about which parts of a game they want to play, and to navigate www.starfall.com. We always start by choosing a letter on the ABC blocks page, but then students may choose a digital story from theĀ ‘Learn to Read’ page. Zac the Rat is a favorite!

Part way through each session, students are given the option to change to the Winnie the Pooh game, where they have a blank picture to ‘paint’. (Sorry I cannot get clear screen shots from this program to post here).

How can I help at home?

It is not essential for CDC students to use at computer at home, they are still very young. But if they have an interest in doing so, and you have one you don’t mind them using, then it is a good idea to observe how they use the mouse. Sometimes it helps if an adult or older sibling can placeĀ a hand gently over the top of theirs, to guide them to click and move the mouse where appropriate. Allow the student to move and click the mouse independently whenever possible.

Ms MorrisonĀ  morrisona@ask.edu.kw